A multi-player interstellar struggle for survival

The finished game will feature:



Sep 3, 2000
The first milestone has finally been reached!
The (very) basic game engine has been completed. This means that you can build new units, mine resources, move fleets of ships and colonize new planets. However, this has not been tested with more than two clients in a game. Version 0.2.0 is now released. The goals for 0.2.1 are some bug fixes and better autoconf detection of libraries. The next milestone goal is to add the combat engine.
Jul 1, 2000
More UI updates. Can now manipulate the "StarMap" view with the keypad (num lock must be on). 't' keypress opens up the command prompt. Can now build items! Items are put in a production queue and displayed by the UI.

Things to do for v0.2.0 (playable-but-dull):
  1. add ship building to the UI
  2. ability to transfer cargo: fleet <--> planet
  3. ability to move fleets (colonization!)
Once these have been added, the game will be officially playable but not very interesting since there is not yet any combat or research.

Jun 16 2000
Minor UI updates, fleet widget added. Added more network code, now actual game data can be passed around. When a game is started, planet information is sent to all players. Added latest screenshots.

Jun 11 2000
The low-level network code has been added. You can now join a server and talk to other players (wee). I've optimized some of the 2D pixmap drawings. I moved from using glDrawPixels(...) to using textures. I've doubled the framerate on my machine (PII-400, Voodoo Banshee.) I can now get 72 frames per second at 800x600 in 16bpp! CVS is now up and anonymous read-only access is available.
May 15, 2000
The game is still not playable but is approaching it. The ship-to-ship battles have to be added, along with most of the networking and large portions of the user interface.

Completed & Working:

Current List Of Things To Do:

mkdir foundation-cvs
cd ~/foundation-cvs
cvs login
  (hit ENTER when prompted for a password)
cvs -z3 co foundation


July 1 - version 0.1.2 foundation-0.1.2.tar.gz
June 12 - version 0.1.1 foundation-0.1.1.tar.gz
June 12 - development snapshot foundation-snapshot.tar.gz